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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> i'm not sure and we see intoxicated people getting on the bus and before they get into the establishment. >> i don't think they should let an intoxicated person into the premise. >> yeah and we have them doing that. >> and that leaves the intoxicated person on the street and for to you deal with. >> it's for us to deal with it but i would rather us deal with it than the club. if they're doing what they're supposed to be doing and not letting them in and it should be commended and they will continue to drink in the club. >> all right thank you. >> is there a particular reason they shouldn't show up until three that night? >> i don't know if it was traffic or fights started but it was a mess.
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>> the only way to really stop that is sacramento has to do something so you can board the bus and make arrests and send message to the bus companies. the problem is they drop down the street and we don't know -- or club people don't know whether or not they actually came from a bus. maybe a whole bunch people walking up the street getting in line. of course the responsible thing is not to let them in because they are intoxicated. what happens they're not going to leave the friend out on the street by themselves and the bus took off. it's a major problem state wide. i don't know what we could do on the local level. if the police can get the name of the problem bus and there are the same people that bring the bus transportation to broadway and oak and they just collect the money and they don't care. the drivers -- now, with the new legislation all it is to make sure no one is under 21
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drinking, but other than that there is still no security -- police can't board and it's still a problem that sacramento has to deal with. >> one thing to remember with the party buses there is lots of misconception. one of the common things it's a good thing people aren't drinking and driving and that's not true. you have people drinking, coming to the city and partying and these party buses aren't taking them home. they're taking them to a parking lot and get off the bus and in the cars and then drive home so there is drinking and driving it's just not here, and the other question often the clubs will take -- fewer and fewer clubs are taking party buss in the city but why they take them there is the perception we're going to make money off of them. i think what needs to happen is education and the reality is people that come from party buses generally once they're inside the club they
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don't drink. they don't buy drinks. there is often some deal worked out and they're not paying the door fee and if we can educate clubs and one it's more of a problem they want to deal with and they're not going to maikt money off of it that's one way we can help resolve the issue. >> all right. >> >> mr. hyde. >>i think there can be some sort of regulation for the buses. i think part of the problem it falls under the category of limousines so that's why they can serve alcohol and i think the number of people and the amount of alcohol -- if you could have some sort of regulation on that, and i have spoken to tom amano who is the chair of the public safety and he is very happy to create some trailing legislation, so i don't think that we should let this drop because this is one of the biggest problems that i hear
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about from community members and i think if we have the ability to create some change we should pursue this and put our heads together and work on that. >> okay. so maybe we want to agendize this as an item later on when we have some focus on where to go. okay. >> i have one question. i don't know if staff or you remember the impala. was that the club when i first joined the commission they were applied for a license and there were issues over them not being forth right about their backgrounds on the license? was that the one? >> i don't remember that being the case, but there were a number of partners involved so it might be a question who was -- >> yeah. and i wonder how many poetry readings -- >> i don't know if that was the one. >> okay. any public comment on
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the police comments and questions. all right. item six and application for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. 6a, jason lindley and dba bacchus kirk and billiard permit application. nick. >> this one is on the consent agenda and billiard table and one table in a neighborhood bar. >> welcome applicant. >> yeah. we are applying for one pool table. >> it's consent calendar. i move to approve. >> okay. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> president. >> aye. good luck. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for coming in.
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item 6b richard miyashiro, dba hakkasan. one kearney place and application. >> i am michael -- [inaudible] and i am the director and richard couldn't be here and yes we're going to be operating -- >> can you talk -- >> you're too tall for the mic. >> it's primarily a restaurant. we're a london base company and have a small dj station and have dj's from 7:00 p.m. until one in the morning for our guests only. >> okay. any questions from the commission? >> you're saying on the application the program is programmed from london or prerecorded? how does it work? >> we have prerecorded lunch for music and until the live dj arrives and that is phased out and the dj will play live for
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five or six hours and then we will turn that back on again. >> okay. >> is there a dance floor there? >> we could but only for special occasions and new years eve and bars and dining rooms and not room for a dance floor. i think the other exception would be a buy out for the entire space. we would make space for it. >> right. >> i think this is your multi-million dollar question. >> yeah, my barber -- don't laugh but i have a barber and she told me about this restaurant coming from london and she said -- is this chinese. >> chinese. >> she said it's the most expensive chinese strawrnd -- would it be the world? >> yes. it probably would be considered that but one other
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claim to fame it's the we have three mitch lynn stars in london and the only ones in upon europe that have it and we got one for the one in new york we opened. >> where in new york is your restaurant? >> in hells kitchen. it was like here and basically a christian book store that maybe had a bathroom and build this beautiful palace and like that one and on the second floor of the large flat iron building and had maybe a bathroom and just office spaces. >> yeah. >> pretty striking view up third street. >> any other questions? >> what public outreach have you connected so far? >> you mean giving people in the neighborhood opportunities to -- we posted -- required to give people an opportunity we were
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applying for this permit for 30 days. >> have you actually reached out to neighborhood organizations or anything like that. >> >> not that i'm aware of. i know we have spoken to some of the police officers that come by and with the inspections and talk to us about the security that we have there and not only for the guests' sake and the hostess and the valet at the street level. that was a concern of ours. we rarely have issues with overly intoxicated guests but our staff is a concern and guests leaving the property is a concern so we have a dedicated security professional basically every moment that the restaurant is open. >> so san francisco like the community is extremely involved, and i think it behoove your restaurant to see if there is community i know there are
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community groups that not only would like to hear from you, but would then help support the restaurant and introduce it to the neighborhood. i just want to caution going ahead without hitting some of the neighborhood groups just because that could definitely be a problem, so i think it would be helpful if you got a few community groups and just did a small presentation to them like who down there -- jocelyn help me. >> we worked on this -- >> okay. >> okay application for a while so we had a nice meeting about outreach and this happens to be at the intersection of kearney and market where it's mostly office space and hotels, so he's being a little bit modest in his description of outreach and
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also the up scale nature of this establishment and where it's located on the second floor, et cetera, so it's just hard to find an actual person who lives within several blocks of there unless you count the folks living at the top of the st. regis. >> and it will be easier -- we're close to having the dining room finished and we bring people through and we do that on an active basis of the people in the area and show them what we're doing and we're really proud of the space and what it looks like and gives people an opportunity to see what we're doing. one of our -- not truly local but a day before we open we're donating the space to make a wish foundation as well and hosting hundred people and cocktails and hors d'oeuvres
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and full dinner at the restaurant and show it off and show people that we're there. >> i thought of a name, like the tenderloin collaborative -- although you're not there. >> we're below it. >> they would appreciate it and have new restaurants and are bas opening in that area and give a presentation so they're aware. >> that's a great idea. >> when do you anticipate opening? >> the chefs get the kitchen tomorrow and we open on monday the november 19. >> will you take me to dinner? >> all right. questions. >> it's not as expensive as it sounds. i promise. >> i have a question. >> yeah. >> second floor and if i remember that building are there a lot of windows? >> there are. there are windows that face market street and on geary street. >> so those are obviously
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existing. are they double payneed. >> you might have a noise issue with that. >> the music isn't that loud over to the din of the room. it's basically used in hall of the hakkasans and that environment but i don't think it's a destination place for people to come as a club really. it's really to add environment to the people that are there, the guests that are there. >> just because when you do a new year's eve party and crank it up. >> if they can hear it over in union square i would be surprised. i spent many years at the st. francis hotel. i
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know what it gets like. >> any other comments? >> i thought kearney street could use more nightlife and everything closes after that and there are a couple of businesses there and it's exciting that you're coming in and bringing vitality to street life -- not street life but walking in and out of your doors. >> thank you commissioner. we're pretty excited about that too and we will be in las vegas and los angeles after that as well. las vegas is a 70,000 square foot club. that is quite different. >> thank you. any questions from the public? yes. >> well good evening commissioners. i am also a long time 22 year resident and i
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want to discuss and also present to you i have seen a lot of positive changes in this one is a good one. during that time some 13 years ago there was a very cool selma chang high restaurant located there and it now closed and the lounge and if you remember and it's now closed. a great place to be to hang your hat and really the wind of the world and i want to show you my positive feelings about having this dining come to the area. as you also know even down on union street there is a asian street fair restaurant called [inaudible] and that opened after the loma parada earthquake and revitalized that nairksd there so i am hoping
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with this new venture that happens at one kearney street as i understand it and welcome and not to make it too pricey. >> we will get an early bird special going. >> all right. any other public comment? seeing none the matter is with the commission. do we have a motion? >> so i think that corner needs something. i think it will do really well. there are great hotels around there, lots of shoppers. we encourage businesses, new businesses to come in and especially people who have different twists and with that i move to approve. >> okay. >> i will second that. >> commissioners, did you have any questions for sfpd at all? >> does sfpd have a comment on this restaurant? i mean if you don't have a comment -- you don't have to comment.
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>> when you're speaking about the entertainment portion of it that's one thing -- not that this particular establishment i have any concerns about, but we're always worried about the bait and switch. >> what? >> bait and switch? really. >> let's keep it on this. i called back to the new york restaurant and their business plan follows that exactly so we don't have any concerns. >> okay. thank you. all right. any other people? okay. seeing none the matter is with the commission. we have a motion and a second. >> second. >> may i have roll call please. >> what was the motion? >> to approve. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> president newlin. >> aye. good luck. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. item seven commissioners comments and
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questions. commissioners. >> i just had one. again at the last meeting -- i think it was last meeting i was elected president and the term expires when jocelyn. >> june 30. >> end of june, so given my personal situation i undoubtedly will be leaving the commission at that time, so what i am going to recommend is that over this course of time that jocelyn -- the meetings i don't come to or leave early at a want to make sure everybody who wants to preside as the director have an opportunity to do so in my absence so you have an opportunity to see what it is like to chair a meeting and the fellow commissioners see how you interact so at the end of june when it's time to elect a new president everybody will have an opportunity to have tried it, see if it's something they want to do, and everybody can do
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that, so jocelyn will probably be contacting you. normally the vice president would take it but audrey has been around so she knows -- so i just think it's really important to give everybody else on the commission an opportunity to chair the entertainment commission to see if it's something they might like to do, and again the other commissioners see if it's somebody that would be good at facilitating the meetings in the future and no sense me sitting up here and nobody tried it or did it and that's my comments and questions. anybody else? >> yeah. i wanted to make a comment around broadway. i want to say i hope as we move forward we can come up with innovative solutions and i know in the last year and a half we talked about
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innovative solutions not only clubs but in tandem with the police department and the neighborhood, and i really see a big stalemate there especially with the neighborhood people not really wanting to do anything but you know penlallize the club, and i think that's not the best solution for this area and i hope that we can pull together and really come up with some change that we can implement soon, and i just wanted to say ten tentatively december 12 we will have a north beach holiday party for neighbors on broadway. we feel that it is important to get people there and to start having an open dialogue, and so we hope to move forward with that, and ask for help along the way. >> i have a question for jocelyn. so are we here november 6 or not because it's
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election day? >> well again that's a commission decision. at the staff level are open to canceling that meeting if the commission so desires. i think we kept appointments off calendar for the most part so it's fairly easy based on some concern about quorum in general on election day, so i don't know if that's something -- >> i was going to mention it too. i will be gone. i will be traveling so i will miss the two meetings -- if we have two meetings i will miss both in november, definitely the second one, so as long as we're not backlogging permit applications i don't see a reason to have a meeting on election date. >> i think the commission's
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views is people do what they do on election day. >> do you want to make a motion then? >> yeah. i move to cancel the meeting on november 6 which is election day. >> all right. do we have a second? >> i will second it. >> all right. call the roll. >> yes. that's okay. any public comment -- >> wait. follow up on both of yours -- on glendon's thing. i walked broadway street on friday and i don't know maybe it was closed and there is still a lot of police presence there which is great, but seems like the crowd has changed a little bit. it looks encouraging that broadway street -- in fact i talked to a couple of neighbors when i was inside one of the clubs and i think your christmas party and i think with the new commander we can get back on track and try to clean up
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broadway. i think it's manageable now. i think we're in a good state depending what happens to that property, the impala, and another follow up on the 29th of october. semac and california music and culture association is having a mixer with the supervisor candidates that are going to be elected november 6 and some of the current supervisors will be there. it's going to be at 6:00 o'clock at cafe denorde and everyone is invited to that. 29 of october in a couple of weeks. >> are we still voting? >> we voteed. >> you voted. >> but you have permits on then and the week of thanksgiving and don't let me down.
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>> any other comments by the commissioners? okay do we have public comment by the comments of the commissioners. seeing none the last item is new business and fiewrght agenda items. anyone want to request a future agenda item? >> i want to request that we hear from the sisters of perpetual indulgence and i dropped the email and i didn't send it and i want to reiterate they made improvements and it's important that we put that out there too and i would like to hear from them. their pink saturday was much better. >> very good. anybody else? >> is there any discussion on halloween here. >> we don't do halloween anymore. >> okay. just curious. >> halloween weekend -- basically this weekend coming up and the weekend after are considered halloween weekend across the city. halloween at
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castro is not an event and therefore not acknowledging and not happening. it doesn't exist. >> okay. >> just one more thing. i'm sorry. the western soma plan is coming before planning for three meetings in november and heard at the board i believe the first week in december and i wanted to make people aware of that and we're also moving forward with the clear historic district. >> just one question. do you know if there have been changes to the south of market, not within 200 feet neighborhood, entertainment allowance thing. >> residential. >> yeah, residential buffer? >> i think if there are concerns it's important to email them -- >> do you know if there have been changes? >> i don't know. i don't know what the changes would be. >> any public comment? seeing none that will conclude the
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october 16 entertainment commission meeting for the city and county of san francisco. thank you one and all.
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